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John Palmer Public School Celebrates 10 Years

06 Nov John Palmer Public School Celebrates 10 Years

John Palmer Public School celebrated their 10th birthday yesterday – 10 years since their official opening in 2008. Connections was privileged to be a part of the journey for eight years through The Ponds Community Program, which commenced 11 years ago. Tuula Schaeffer, our Community Facilitator, made contact with the principal, Debbie Blackwell, before the school commenced with 44 students in early 2009. We were able to support the school and the P & C in many ways, including organising events together, supporting with fundraising, sponsoring and presenting annual awards and more. The school now has nearly 900 students, a great staff, with the founding teachers and administration staff still working there, and a P & C made up of wonderful, committed parents. A huge congratulations to Principal Debbie Blackwell for her courage and excellent leadership and to the staff and school families for their commitment to the children’s education.