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Easter Hat Parades – Continuing the Tradition

01 Apr Easter Hat Parades – Continuing the Tradition

Communities all over Australia have been celebrating the Easter period with Easter Hat Parades. But where does the tradition come from? The earliest references can be traced back to the 16th century but became increasingly popular in the 19th century. The Easter Bonnet was a type of hat that women and girls wore to Easter services, and in the Easter parade following it. Ladies purchased new and elaborate designs for church services, and in the case of Easter, took the opportunity to purchase luxury items for the end of Lent. Now, in a more casual society, Easter Bonnets are no longer the norm and are usually created as a novelty item for school and kindergarten children.

Children in communities facilitated by Connections, have been creating and sharing their designs during Easter events and have relished continuing the tradition. The parades are enjoyed by adults and kids alike, with the children savouring the opportunity to show off their elaborate and fun designs.

From all of the Connections team, have a safe and happy Easter.